Benefits of Wireless Printers In Applications: Remove Wires And Increase Productivity

Wireless Printers have transformed the workplace by providing the means to print labels, receipts and invoices as and when required. Free from the mangled web of cables and wires they can be picked up and relocated anywhere, used by as many people, and get excellent print quality as well. They are neither too expensive nor do they increase operational costs for the organization, but enhances flexibility in operations, save time, and help in delivering instant results. They are particularly useful for printing barcode labels, which have reached every remote corner of the universe. The only hitch in their universal usage had been the limitation of printing them where they were needed. This hitch removed, wireless printers have enhanced their applicability even further making them nearly omnipresent in retail outlets, offices and warehouses, hospitals and shipping docks, assembly lines and shop counters.

The benefits provides by wireless printers to various applications are explained below:

Manufacturing Industries

In any manufacturing unit, it is customary to find a central printing unit that prints tags and labels, which are then picked up by specific units for use. In some places preprinted labels are used. However, the availability of a wireless printer at the specific spot where they are going to be used would help print labels as and when required and ensure that the right label with the right information is printed. The addition of details like the date and time of manufacturing can be easily printed accurately. Variable information labels with these details are essential in automated industrial setups that are ISO-certified. This would also save time that would have to be spent in checking labels and looking for the right ones to be affixed.

The additional advantage of flexibility provided by wireless printers makes a difference to the efficiency of functioning. Not have to look for cable connections, having clear space free of cables and wires, make operations like printing in the midst of machines and equipment much easier and more convenient. They can also be used at places where quality control checks take place since they can help to ensure that the items being checked are tracked and identified properly.

Retail Applications

The retail sector benefits substantially with wireless printers since their mobility eases printing of shelf price labels, in-store transfer labels, returns process tags, price audits, items, signage and price labels. Many of these are bulk-printing jobs and it is preferable to print them while placing items on shelves for ease of placement on shelves. Many large stores find such a system time saving and it has found to reduce pricing errors. Retail outlets often use cart mounted or wearable printers for this reason. Wireless printers make re-configuration and resetting of stores much easier. Many supermarkets find that are able to trim their workforce

Shipping and Receiving Applications

Wireless mobile printers used in shipping and receiving operations have proved to be more time saving and error free than in any other application. Pallets were found to get labeled in almost 40% less time and putaway transactions were 60% quicker. They support cross-docking, help in re-labeling incoming shipments, printing safety labels and ID badges for delivery personnel. Their biggest advantage is that wireless printers do need to be permanent fixtures for shipping applications, but can be temporarily deployed to meet a sudden surge of activity and removed when the job has been completed. This would not be easy with wired printers.

Hospitality Applications

Wireless printers connected to networks aid printing jobs in the hospitality segment as well. Used in hotels, conferences, convention centers and meeting halls, they help print nametags, guest cards, admission tickets and coupons on demand, and immediately handed over. This prevents wastage that may accrue by printing the entire list of guests only to find a significant number missing. They can print security passes to prevent any security lapses. These and any other type of identification required by guests become easy with wireless printers.

Office Environments

Offices are being trimmed and spruced up with the latest wireless technology, into which wireless printers fit in perfectly. Cable complications are removed and flexible, movable printers help to print mailing labels, file-tracking applications, shipping labels and so on.

Besides these, wireless printers can ease the functioning of every application they are used in. The added advantage of quick, accurate and fine quality printing, at no extra cost, only makes them even more appealing to use.