DIY Printer Ink Check: How to View HP/ Lexmark Printer Ink Status

If you have ever had your printer run out of ink in the middle of a print job, particularly when printing large volumes of texts; such as a 500-page novel, 100 business cards or 400 brochures, you will agree that this can be a very frustration and inconveniencing thing.

Viewing the ink status on your printer before embarking on printing out documents is important because it can save you the inconvenience and frustration of forgoing a print job because your printer ran out of ink. A simple way to view the ink status on your HP or Lexmark printer is using your computer. The steps below come in handy when you want to quickly view the ink status on your HP/Lexmark printer to determine whether your printer ink level is enough to complete the print out task at hand.

General Ink Check

Step 1

Go to your Windows PC main menu interface and click the Windows icon or “Start” button, depending on the operating system you are using.

Step 2

Click “All Programs” or “Programs,” depending on the Windows operating system you are using.

Step 3

Scroll to your printer folder and click on it to open. Click on “HP” and then click “HP Solution Center” if you are using a Hewlett-Packard printer, or click on the “Lexmark” folder and then click the “Cartridges” tab if you are using a Lexmark printer.

Step 4

Click “Settings,” click “Print Settings” and then select “Printer Toolbox” for an HP printer. Click the “Menu” button, and then scroll to “Ink Levels” for a Lexmark printer.

Step 5

Click the “Estimated Ink Levels” tab to see the HP printer ink level. Click the “Select” button to view the cartridge ink levels on a Lexmark printer.

Tips for Checking the Ink Status

If you encounter problems checking the ink status on your computer, visit your printer manufacturer’s official website and follow the specific ink check instructions for your particular make and model of HP or Lexmark printer.

Usually, printer manufacturer websites provide useful customer support information designed to answer the queries that people may have regarding their products. Make sure to refer to and follow the correct instructions provided for the make and model of the HP or Lexmark printer you have. There may be slight variations in the instructions to view ink status for different models of printers even though they are from the same printer manufacturer.