Itec Posts Power-Saving Measures for Printers: Help the Environment and Your Wallet with Eco-Friendly Products

These days it’s more important than ever to have an energy efficient workplace, not only for the sake of the environment, but the company’s finances. Most offices are dependent on a dedicated computer network, and the peripheral devices – such as printers and copiers – of these offices are left running all day. We can’t expect businesses to reduce the rates of electronic devices they use: it is essential that office equipment is online and always accessible. However, what businesses can do is replace their devices with eco-friendly products.

Itec Distribution and Power Saving

On 23rd November, Ingrid Green of Itec Distribution posted a news release telling business owners what to consider when it’s time to replace the office peripherals. The post focuses especially on eco printers, and the benefits to be reaped from choosing your printer carefully. For example, the use of a ‘polymerised toner’ in production, though resulting in a print of identical quality, achieves 40% lower carbon emissions at the factory. This alternative toner also boasts a lower ‘warm up’ period than conventional toner, meaning it’ll print not only more cleanly but quickly too.

The Itec news release acknowledges the importance of Energy Star, a ‘US-based voluntary labelling program designed to protect the environment through the identification of energy-efficient products and practices.’ For eco-conscious businesses, the Energy Star label is a great indicator of a product’s green credentials. Moreover, several brands in the printing industry already have initiatives in conjunction with Energy Star. HP’s website lists its qualified products as part of its Eco Solutions Program. Printers such as the HP Lazerjet M3035 MFP boast 55% more energy efficiency than regular models, among other attributes.

New Eco-Printers from Fuji Xerox

Further, on 24th November Armin A. Amio at reported that Fuji Xerox has announced a comparable range of eco-printers. These multi-function models include a wide selection of power-saving features, such as ‘induction heating fusers’ and ‘emulsion aggregate eco-toners.’ Indeed, so eco-friendly is this selection of printers – called the ApeosPort-IV range – they have the lowest rate of energy consumption in the printing industry. Richard Penny, Marketing Manager at Fuji Xerox New Zealand, commented that the company’s ‘belief in innovation’ does not ‘come at the expense of environment responsibility.’ His latest printers offer testament to this.

According to an undated article at, if the businesses of the US were to replace their existing printers with power-saving products, they would amass enough savings to light 650,000 homes for one year. According to the 23rd November Itec release, some multi-function printers will even regulate their own toner needs, recycling toner not used during the printing process. In short, whatever your perspective on the environment, there are real benefits to be had from selecting eco-friendly printers.