Lexmark Wireless Multi Function All in One Printer Review

This is a review of the Lexmark Prospect Pro205 multi-function, wireless inkjet printer. Multi function printers—also called all in one printers—are ideal for low to medium duty applications in personal as well as home office use.

This Lexmark multi function inkjet printer, measuring 14 by 19 by 11 inches and weighing 22 pounds, can print, fax, scan, and copy. All functions are available over your 802b/g wireless network, allowing for either usb or wireless connection throughout the home or office.

Unique among the competition for low-cost multifunction printers, the Lexmark Pro205 offers a five year warranty. This writer has used the printer for several months, providing a combination of personal experience and broad user feedback in this review.

First Impressions of the Lexmark Pro205 Inkjet Printer

Right out of the box this printer sports an attractive, black matte finish and a tilted control panel with 2.4 inch color lcd display. The installation experience for this printer was outstanding. Rather than containing a printed installation manual, current at the time of production, but not necessarily up to date, the installation disk instead connects you to a Lexmark website which provides the latest installation instructions.

As a result, the installation was flawless. Users who attempted to install the printer without following the manufacturer’s process reported problems in online reviews.

Lexmark’s Ink Cartridge Strategy

The Pro205 uses and furnishes four separate ink cartridges: black, cyan, magenta, and yellow, allowing users to purchase only the colors needed as replacements. Black ink cartridges are available in two sizes: a standard yield, and XL, providing three times the printing capacity.

Thus far, the only negative experience for this writer involved running out of black ink while the printer indicated approximately twenty-percent remained in the cartridge.

Selecting Functions and Options

All functions of the printer, as well as options within the functions, are available at the printer control panel as well as from your PC. Function and option selection is clear and intuitive.

Energy Star and Other Features

The Lexmark Pro205 is Energy Star rated. Lexmark claims up to fifty-percent reduced paper usage and eight-percent reduced energy usage when typical users select automatic two-sided printing. Selecting the eco mode sends the printer into an energy-saving sleep mode after a timed interval of inactivity.

Additional features include an automatic document feeder and the ability to accept inputs from a variety of flash-memory cards,

Expert and User Reviews

A review of user experiences on Amazon yields generally favorable results with an average of 3.5 out of 5 stars from over one-hundred users. Negative reviews tend to focus on the cost of inkjet cartridges and the number of prints available from cartridges. There are also complaints about wireless difficulties when the printer is used infrequently.

Lexmark’s online site reflects somewhat higher user reviews, with over three-hundred responses averaging about 4.5 out of 5.0.

Retrevo, a site accumulating review information from multiple sources, lists the Lexmark Pro205 a fair value, and an average buy. Though Retrevo currently estimates a fair price for this printer’s features and functions is $129, the careful shopper can often find this printer for less than $100. The printer is identified by Retrevo as still in its prime.

Experts rate this multifunction printer a bit higher than users, with the average of sixteen expert reviews rating it four stars, while the average of over one-hundred fifty users is slightly under four stars.

Lexmark Prospect Pro205 Multifunction Printer

The Lexmark Pro205 all in one inkjet printer is a good value for home and small office use. With the ability to scan, fax, copy, and print, this wireless, color inkjet printer provides good cost-benefit returns. The five-year warranty is attractive and stands out among multi function inkjet printers of this class.