Photo Printer: Scrapbooking Photo Quality Printer

Printers have gone high tech. That is good and bad for us. We now have the ability to create professional grade photos and photo enlargements. The bad news is the lingo has gotten so technical that it may as well be in Swahili, because it makes absolutely no sense to me.

I wanted a printer that would do justice to my photographs. It was to be used primarily for scrapbooking. I thought if you want a good photo printer you look toward a photo company. I started looking at the Canon printers.

The interesting thing I found was that there was a great deal of technical information available. Unfortunately, I don’t speak printer-ese. All kinds of specifications and numbers and letters that mean nothing to me were listed.

After spending too much money copying pictures at the photo store, I decided it really would save money and would definitely get used for scrapbooking photos. Archiving our history is not to be taken lightly. We spend a great deal of our time, energy and money to make great scrapbooks that will be treasured 20, 30, or 40 years from now. Can you guarantee the photos will still be visible?

When the first grandson was born I decided to not only scrapbook but journal it to him. I want to insure that I am able to give him direction in life whether I am still around or not. In twenty years it will be important that he can read what is there and can see the moments we cherished to truly understand how he was greeted into the world.

I cringe at the thought of faded, distorted or yellowed photos. But we are the only ones that know just how much effort goes into those books.

I decided without being literate on all of the information available I would rely on what I do know. First I asked friends I trusted to have knowledge for their opinion. Then I looked at the printers compatibility with my system. I compared the pictures printed from each machine. Next I looked at what software comes with the machine to be able to alter and enhance the photos. I also needed to consider “Is this a brand I feel I can trust”. Lastly I needed to look at the cost of running the printer. Is it worthwhile to replace 8 individual ink cartridges for a much larger price than one inexpensive cartridge. Keep in mind that the quality of photo inproves with the individual cartridges.

Every serious scrapbooker needs a photo printer. If you are not able to justify the expense, ask Santa. I hear you have been very good this year.