Recycling Printer Cartridges for Nonprofits: Earn Money for Charity by Donating Used Cell Phones and Cartridges

There are lots of different companies today that will help nonprofit organizations such as schools and churches that benefit the earth while earning a little bit of money too. Each company has different pros and cons, so nonprofits should decide which will be best for its organization.

Some companies are rather particular about what they recycle. Others offer promotional materials. The idea is that the nonprofit will collect used printer cartridges, cell phones, and the like, then send them into the company to be recycled. In turn, the organization earns a little bit of money. They keep these products from ending up in a landfill while making some money for their organization. Everyone wins.

Following is an overview of three such companies that can be found on the internet, although there are more that can be found with just a little searching.

Funding Factory Recycles Printer Cartridges and Cell Phones

Funding Factory calls itself “the leader in online fundraising programs.” Funding Factory recycles ink jet and laser cartridges as well as cell phones. It offers print materials to organizations that choose to go with the company, and it doesn’t charge to join.

It offers points or cash for what it recycles; points can be spent with the company on various items available through an online catalog. Shipping items to be recycled is paid for by Funding Factory, so the organization incurs no costs. They also have contests that organizations can participate in, and nonprofits can also have other businesses mail in their cartridges directly to Funding Factory to be added to their account.

One drawback to Funding Factory is that their recycling lists change from time to time, so organizations will want to keep an eye on the lists on the website so they are only sending in recyclables worth its time.

Recycling Fundraiser Recycles Ink Jet Cartridges, Cell Phones, and Other Items

Recycling Fundraiser, like Funding Factory, doesn’t make organizations that work with them pay for shipping. Unlike Funding Factory, Recycling Fundraiser only recycles ink jet cartridges and cell phones; it does not recycle laser cartridges. However, Recycling Fundraiser pays for every item in the categories they accept, even if the item isn’t listed on its price list.

Even though it doesn’t accept laser cartridges, it does accept a wide variety of items, including jewelry, laptop and notebook computers, MP3 players, digital cameras, digital video cameras, GPS devices, and other items. The company pays cash to organizations who recycle with the company.

Recycle 4 Charity Recycles Printer Cartridges, Cell Phones, and Other Supplies

Recycle 4 Charity is similar to Funding Factory and Recycling Fundraiser. Like the other two companies, Recycle 4 Charity also pays shipping. Like Funding Factory, Recycle 4 Charity accepts toner cartridges in addition to cell phones and ink jet cartridges.

The company also accepts what it calls “Surplus Supplies.” These include supplies that are brand new but will never be used, items like copier, printer, and fax supplies. The drawback is that if the organization has fewer than 25 items, it can’t earn money for the items, but it can donate the proceeds to charities that Recycle 4 Charity chooses.

Nonprofits Can Make Money for Little Effort While Helping the Environment

What nonprofit organization wouldn’t feel good about recycling to help the environment while making money in the process? Each company above (and many others that can be found online) offers unique benefits to nonprofit organizations. Nonprofits should do their research to determine which company will afford it the most benefits.