The Best All In One Printers: Multifunction Printer, Scanner, and Copier All-In-One

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For many home users, purchasing an “all in one” printer just makes sense. Instead of the hassle of finding space for an individual scanner, printer, and fax machine, why not try combining all 3 into one compact and stylish package? The best all-in-one printers for home use are those that marry quality scanning with high quality printing and are held together with a well-designed software package to back them up. This article examines 2 of the most popular and highest rated all-in-one multifunction printer/scanners from Epson and HP and explains what to look for when making a decision.

Best Rated All-in-One Printers from Epson

Epson has long been known for high quality and highly rated printers and scanners. Recently the company has combined these technologies into some very high ranking all in one printers that score very high on print quality while not skimping on scanning details.

For those interested in stylish components as well as functionality, the Epson RX595 is a good starting point. It has many useful features not often found on other printers such as the ability to scan directly to PDF and to edit and print photos without needing a connected computer. The RX595 also comes with the ability to print on ink-jet compatible CD’s and DVD’s as well as to print customized greeting cards directly from a photo-filled media card.

One sticking point about many inkjet and all-in-one printers is the ink cartridge layout itself. The RX595 is one of the better, using high quality inks in six separate cartridges allowing the user to replace only the color that is empty and save money in the process. The Epson RX595 scores nearly perfect consumer reviews from sites such as CompUSA.

Best Rated All-in-One Multifunction Printers from HP

HP is a legendary force in computer peripherals for the business sector. There are many multifunction printers in HP’s inventory that work very well for small office use, but their price tag is often too high for most home users. There are a few however that marry economy with versatility. The HP Photosmart c5280 is one such printer.

While not as visually sleek as the Epson RX595 mentioned earlier, the Photosmart c5280 has many of the same or comparable features for a smaller overall price tag. It includes the ability toprint on CD’s as well as do minor editing directly from a memory card.

CNet’s review of the Photosmart c5280 list it as one of the highest rated all in one printers in the under $200 price range, and with a very compact desktop footprint to match it leaves the buyer with a little extra space on their desktop. With comparatively fast print speeds, and decent scanning quality the c5280 is also a good product for home users to consider, but the tri-color ink tank cuts down on overall print economy.

These are just 2 of hundreds of different multifunction all-in-one printer options available on the market today. When shopping keep the main ideas shown above in mind. Look for printers with multiple ink cartridges, networking capabilities, and stand-alone support to fit your printing needs.